What’s new in Hairstyles for 2016

What to expect for Hairstyles in 2016?
With the fall/winter fashion lines already being shown off, we have a pretty clear idea of what hairstyles people will be rocking later this and into next year. It seems like we are getting a mix of different hair styles to match any one style.

New hairstyles 2015 - 2016

Healthy Hair
Seen just about on every model, perfectly healthy hair is back. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, you can start on this trend now.

French Twist
The French Twist is back. In a new twist, these French Twists are being slightly looser or closer to the neck.

With the French Twist coming back, hair accessories are also coming back. The hair slide, shiny blindfolds, and floral options were popular on the runway.

Latest hairstyles 2016

Buns of all kinds. All variations are buns are on trend, including on-top-of-the-head and buns with lots of hair cascading down the back of the neck and twisted to the side.

Half up, Half down
Half up, half down hairstyle had a number of different styles on the runway. From lots of volume, to simple braids, to a quarter up; there is a half up, half down hairstyle for everyone to try this year.

Retro has made is come back, which futuristic designers. From the 1920 to 1990’s, we will be seeing a combination of many different styles.

This great way of fixing a bad hair day is on trend. Ponytails are everywhere; the top of the head, to the nape of the neck, or somewhere in the middle. You can use accessories to glam this look up.

Boho waves
A simple and pretty hairstyle, many hairstylists have decided they are going to leave this trend as is, without changing a single thing about it. Most boho waves looked as if the hair was air dried. Sea spray may be used on the hair for a more beachy feel.

Pin Straight
On the opposite end of the Boho waves, we have the pin straight hair. Many different models are rocking this look, either the hair was bound or not. Also, many models have deep side parts, or center parts.

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